The Zoe projects, interacts with the community in mobilizing and assisting the broader community to take responsibility of the living conditions and contribute their resources to bring transformation within the community.

The Zoe Projects at the same time reaches out to the “richer” communities and educate them to get involve and transfer their resources to create nation building exercises within their personal capacity.

The Zoe projects also engages with the business and educational communities, to empower and partner with their resources in having compassion with regards to their living conditions. As the projects progressed, so the founders recognized the need for other interventions to address the overwhelming and very diverse needs of the community.

Over the years various projects have evolved from the community’s needs and it also developed (often on a trial and error basis) to deliver dramatic improvements.

Through this experience, the founders came to understand the community and realise that what is required is to provide a series of coordinated interventions across the “chain of needs” and at the heart of which is COMMUNITY COOPERATION AND PARTICIPATION.

Today the focus has broadened to develop a coordinated program of projects with the objective of community ownership. In this way The NPO intends to assist the community, to develop and to become self sufficient. To empower them to realize their individual and collective potential. And, to restore their dignity, though this.